Stuck Gear Key on a C&P 10x15

I have recently moved 2 C&P 10x15 about 2000 miles. I have had to strip them down in order to get them in to my studio. I am fine with stripping them down and have gotten them as far as I want to go. I have two areas where I am stuck and cannot proceed. The first is on one of the presses the flywheel key has been jammed in. It is actually the side opposite the wheel (the right side where the gear is attached is where it is jammed). The second issue is that on both presses I need to remove the large head cam gear. I can see that there is a key that needs to be removed, but it just won’t budge. So basically I need any suggestions for removing stuck keys on a C&P. I have tried liquid wrench/WD40, blowtorch and screwdriver and hammer. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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You need a 20 ton gear puller. You are better off leaving it on if all possible.

Well, I think you have taken things apart enough to know this, but just in case you dont know. Most of these keys have a taper going inward and are locked into place by sliding the associated part back toward the key. Try knocking the gear/wheel inward away from the key, use a 3-5lb sledge and wood block, you may need someone to hold a backup on the other side against the shaft. The gear should slide inward, remove the key, then slide the gear back off of the shaft. I hope this helps.