Thank you 10,000 times

This year marks the 12th year of Briar Press online. This evening marks the 10,000th person who registered as a member since we started the registration process at the end of last November. Since Eric is taking a week off before continuing work and studies, I would like to thank all who have encouraged us, and have been patient with our ongoing efforts to redesign the site in order to simplify and expand content and services.

Web sites as large and active as Briar Press are usually the work of a team of designers, programmers and other support people. The design and maintenance of Briar Press is a personal mom and pop operation (more precisely, son & mother ). Recently we have had to hire a programmer to help code the current upgrade. Lack of time and growing expenses have kept us from meeting our intended deadlines for integrating the entire site into the upgraded format.

We keep going because we love the history, the presses, the process, and the product, and also because we appreciate deeply the response of the thousands of people who visit, use, and in many cases enrich by their participation in the forums and contributions to the various sections of the site. We are happy to join them in preserving the letterpress tradition.

We are particularly grateful to the senior members of the letterpress community, some of whom apprenticed in vintage print shops, and all who worked in the field of letterpress printing long before computers were popular. We thank them for adapting to this new technology and taking time to pass along their knowledge and expertise to a new generation of letterpress enthusiasts.

We continue to welcome all who visit and use our site. A special thank you 10,000 times to those who have registered and joined the Briar Press community.

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Elizabeth & Son,

Congratulations on your 12th anniversary! I wish you another 12 years of success with Briar
Press. It is a tremendous site to any of us “old time” letterpress printers that love the craft as much as you do! You perform a great service for anyone interested in the History of Printing.

Sal J Zampino,
Briar Member

Excellent, Congratulations. Briar Press is a great resource. You should be very proud. Thanks for all you do for the letterpress community.

Casey McGarr
Inky Lips Press


Congratulations as well. And the very best in honor of your efforts.


Many Congratulations to both of you-

What you have created is truly special and long may you continue.

Your friends will support you to ensure it!

Best Regards,


Elizabeth and Eric
It is we who thank you for all your time,effort and money to provide this forum.
It is a joy to see the renaissance in letterpress printing. I call it yesterday’s technology today.
I believe it worthy of preservation and the equipment is no longer being made.
I am one of the old guys. I have the time and the equipment and find pleasure in passing along any knowledge or skill I may have.
I visit the Briar Press forum each evening I am at home.
Watch out for type lice.
Again, thank you.

Congratulations! And thanks so much for providing such an invaluable resource.

I hope everyone who reads this post makes a small PayPal donation to help support the site:


Elizabeth and Eric,

10,000 thanks to YOU both!!!

Congratulations on creating the letterpress website of our dreams!

Your efforts have profoundly enhanced and emboldened the art and craft of letterpress and we are all deeply appreciative of your tireless personal sacrifices to make this site worthy of such praise.

Best wishes,


Steve Robison
Robison Press
sfletterpress yahoogroup list manager
West Coast Letterpress facebook group manager

Congrats Elizabeth & Eric,

Indeed 10,000 thanks to you for all your contributions to the Letterpress Community.

Briar Press is like no other source for letterpress information and referrence materieal; truly a vitural museum of the highest order.

Personal best,


Dr. Leland Whitson
Trustee & Docent Director
International Printing Museum
Carson, California
[email protected]


This web site is wonderful, and I enjoy referring people to it. I’m a peripheral presence here at best, but the site is my homepage, and I wouldn’t have a press at all if it wasn’t for Briar Press.

Thanks! Here’s to twelve times twelve years more!

Oakland, CA

Amigos & co-conspirators,

Twelve years? Good grief! I am soooo out of the loop. Just joined up a couple minutes back. And even found out that Dave Churchman has an email address.

I can see that I removed the printshop wall in the garage way too early. Only problem now is I can’t put it back. The SUV’s in the way.

Thank you muchly for “being here” in the now. May there be plenty of future before we end up in the pasture.

Nils R. Bull Young
The Tagalong Press
Medway, OH

The “special thank you” really needs to go to you and Eric! Together you have done an extraordinary service for our community which is much less heralded than it should be! I don’t think there’s a Nobel Prize for Assistance to the World of Letterpress Printing…but maybe there should be, and you guys should get it!

As someone who is intimately familiar with the challenges of both maintaining a definitive letterpress resource AND creating a world class web site, my hat is off in admiration of the two of you, who make all the rest of us look good.

Long may you prosper!

Warmest regards,

David S. Rose, APA 742
Proprietor, Five Roses Press
President, The Typophiles
Author, Introduction to Letterpress Printing

Indeed this is a nice place to visit.

It is one of my ‘first things in the morning’ to check.

Just thought I would take this Holiday Season to tell you how much I have enjoyed, and do enjoy, the site. It is the best, in my opinion. Even though my family has been in the printing business most of the time since 1868, there are always new things to learn. And, it’s fun to have a way to interact with the letterpress community. Who would have thought that letterpress would have experienced the resurgence that it has, and I think you have played a large part in that. Congratulations!

All my very best to you and to Briar Press!

Geoff Quadland