Help using Vandercook #3.

I recently purchased a Vandercook #3 and another vandercook table top proof press. The smaller model is easy as it consist of only a bed and single roller design. The #3 has two roller assemblies that are not mounted on the press and I am uncertain of how they should fit, also the rubber ones have broken down and turned to “jelly”. I have never owned a proof press and I am uncertain of how to operate it. Another item that came with it is some type of lockout bar. Can anyone explain the process or perhaps direct me to where I can find some operation instructions or even diagrams? Does anyone know where I can get replacement rollers? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Steven,

For tons of Vandercook info:

If you have any question, you can post to the Vanderblog, it and it’s archives are invaluable.

And finally, I think boxcar press has a Vandercook 3 manual posted on their site.

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Updated. Steven,

Where you live look for letterpress printers and maybe someone has a Vandercook to instruct you the best printing methods. Do not print before reading the handouts which I have given as links below.

Carrie gave you some good links. Here are some other must read for you.

You need to read these books and handouts, very important.

Printing digital type on the hand-operated flatbed cylinder press

General Printing,


Vandercook Handout

Letterpress Finesse Handout

Good Luck,