Are Kluge Feeder Special Attachments Still Around?

I was reading in my Platen Press Operation and Mills talks about two special attachments for the Kluge Feeder: a Two-Up Feeding Device and a Die-Cut Envelope Fedder. Are any of these attachments still around? I’ve never seen one, but I’m sure many on here have.

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There are many attachments available for Kluge presses. See for a list of features and descriptions. The 2-up feeder has a video demonstration online from the job ran at Graph Expo earlier this year ( Contact our parts dept. at 800-826-7320 for pricing.

parts you need are easy to make. the 2-up feeding is simply another set of paper guides for the feeder, cut to be removable, with the thumb screw lock holes redrilled in a diff angle.
the envelope feeding, that i Think you are asking about, is actually a stock feature on standard feeders. these parts if completely missing on your press will need both a combination of factory parts and some off the shelf and fab’d pieces.if you so choose,(and your press is new enough) all parts can be purchased new from kluge. this system does not work well if you have the chain drive, continuous feeder. however, for light duty i think it can be made to work.