Pricing information for Kelsey Excelsior Model 2 1/2 ???

I have a Kelsey Excelsior Model 2 1/2 letterpress. This is the hand inking model. I can find most of the information a complete novice (me) needs. The one thing I can’t find is any record of current prices for these machines. Can anyone provide a rough range of typical selling prices in todays market? Appreciate any help.

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Jim - The subject of the price of presses is a frequent topic in forums and discussion groups. Don’t know if this will answer your question, but we have posted some opinions and guidelines in the Help pages at You will find that there are a great many variables.

Thank you Elizabeth, I had seen that link before posting. You have provided a price range for more modern presses and then indicated that these early models can have additional value if I’m reading it correctly? I assume these early presses are not so rare that there are no real $$ sales records? Is there anyway I can find a fair market value for this press, complete, undamaged, in VG to EX condition?

I thank you very much for the effort put into this site, you have provided the only real info on this press and the resource is much appreciated.

Jim - The Kelsey Excelsior Model 2 1/2 is not available every day, but if you follow the auctions and classifieds, they do appear occasionally. However, they do not appear often enough to give an accurate range of prices.

In addition, early on, about 13 years ago when we started Briar Press, I learned my lesson not to give prices or even a range of prices for inquiries like this. The reason is that over a period of time I once saw several similar models of another type of press in the Classifieds and on ebay. They sold between $150 and $225. I gave those figures to a person who had a press that was exactly like the press in these auctions. The person sold his press for $200. A month later I received an irate letter pointing out the sale of the exact same press, in the same condition, on ebay for $500.

There are so many factors involved. To name a few: who wants a specific press at a given time, how badly do they want it, how much are they willing to spend, how far does it need to be shipped.

Glad you were able to find some useful information about your press on the site. I wish I could be more helpful on the subject of prices, but I would be going out on a limb if I provide more than what is in the above mentioned Help pages.

Thank you Elizabeth, I do understand your position. I will keep checking the sources.

Thanks again for your time and knowledge.