Portland area help?

I’m am about to graduate from the University of Georgia with a degree in printmaking and need some career guidance. I am thinking about moving to the Portland area but know nothing about the printing community. I’m in love with letterpress and would like to keep my hands dirty in the studio in anyway that I can. Regardless if that means cleaning or sorting type, I would like to just get my foot in the door. If anyone can recommend any shops that need assistance or organizations to get involved with that would be very helpful.

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Portland should offer you a very nice printmaking community. Although I now live in the SF Bay area, I lived in Portland for 6 years,and graduated from PNCA, which has a very nice print department.
As for letterpress, look at people like Stumptown Printers, who do awesome custom work, or Egg Press, who has a fabulous card line. Check out Oblation, located in the Pearl District for a nice store front plus production printing on premesis.
Look into classes and studio time at Oregon College of Arts and Crafts. they have a couple of Vandercooks and offer classes, and workshops.
Overall, there is a very rich printmaking scene in Portland (and all across the west coast).
good luck

I didn’t think you meant Portland, Maine.