New Hamilton Wood Type Catch Words!

I just heard from Gregory Corrigan at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum that they are gearing up to reproduce some of their wood type catch words (see for some examples of originals).

Their intention is to have these ready for sale by the 1st of May. If you have an interest in being kept up to date on this project and notified when they are ready for sale you can send them a message through the contact link on their webpage at

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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Daniel -

Good bit of news. Thanks for letting us know. I followed the link above and was also surprised - and very pleased - to find that Hamilton is offering new fonts of Antique 151 - the classic old “Wanted Poster” font - and the prices are reasonable.

- Alan Runfeldt
Excelsior Press
Frenchtown, NJ