Service alert & January progress report

Hi all,

You may have tried to visit Briar Press recently, only to find that the site was not responding, or was running very slowly. The site is experiencing some high traffic lately, and the server we’re using right now just can’t keep up. Once a week, on average, the site completely flops, and I have to be near a computer if I want to get it running again. Sometimes, Elizabeth and I won’t notice for several hours that the site is offline, especially if we’re asleep here on the East Coast.

Just wanted you to know that we’re aware of the problem and are looking into solutions. We’d like to upgrade our server, but for the time being we’ll need to make do with our existing hosting plan.

Our first task is still the release of Briar Press version 5.5, which will run more efficiently than the current site, and will feature some improvements we hope you enjoy. For more details, see my earlier post on the subject. The International Register of Private Press Names, Elizabeth and Ben Lieberman’s exhaustive directory, will soon be open for new additions.

Thanks, as always, for sticking with us.

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