C&P Old Style year / serial number?

I have a Chandler & Price Old Style with the serial number 38489 stamped on it – how do I find out what year it was manufactured?

I’ve looked at the APA website as suggested to a New Style owner in a previous thread, but I haven’t been able to find a manufacture date for my Old Style.

What to do? Any advice appreciated!

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The list I found has the following;

39401 - 1903
41041 - 1904

So, I would say it was safe to say your’s is a 1903.
I believe I found the link through Green Dolphin Press.

Woops, TYPO

37039 - 1902
39401 -1903


I’ve just looked at this again (both sets of numbers) – this means my press (numbered 38489) was probably manufactured in 1902. Right?