clear sticky rollers on heidelberg

i`ve noticed one of my heidelbergs (never run this one yet) has a strange roller, the lower ink distributor roller (i think) , it pushes onto the main inking cylinder , my other heidelberg has a black rubber one in the same place

The roller is realy sticky, and totaly clear and colourless
if you close the rollers together the top most roller sticks to it after a breif instant , a mark is left when you take them apart

on the underneath it has slight drips all the way along like there was ink on it that is dripping off (there isnt)
If i turn the roller the other way up, the drips seem to merge back in over a few days and then they drip to the other side

Is this a normal type of roller?, or has something gone wrong with the makeup of it!


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Years ago I had a proof press roller recovered by Ohio Roller Company. It was a clear material and soon became sticky and eventually melted into one big mess. I suspect that it was some type of PVC as their Ryno rollers were green PVC and eventually melted from the inside out.