“Push away” attachment to prevent injury?

In a Briar Press thread last year I read about a “push away” attachment that can be put on a C&P to help avoid injuries – designed to push your fingers/hands out of the way before they get crushed in a printing accident.

Does anyone know where (or if) these can be purchased?


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I am pretty certain those platen guards are not available new, but if you ask on the letpress email list you might find someone that has taken one off that they can sell you.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Pepper -

These attachments were common on school presses, but unwlecome elsewhere. I have seen them on presses in the past and have a friend who has one that came installed on her 8x12. Basically, it’s a wire steel frame that holds a folding canvas piece that comes up as an extension of the platen as the press is closed, down when it opens.

By making the platen ‘higher’ as it closes,it makes it pretty darned impossible to reach into the press and get your hand caught. I don’t know if all C&Ps were machined to accept this, but if any has one installed and can get you some photos, it should not be difficult to fabricate.

You may also try Fritz Klinke at NA Graphics or Don Black in Toronto. Fritz may have a source and Don may actually have a press in his warehouse with one of these already installed.

Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can get my friend to send me some detailed photos to post for you to see.

- Alan

Thanks Daniel and Alan for the good information.

Alan – it’d be great to see those photos if you’re able to get some from your friend. “Pretty darned impossible to reach into the press and get your hand caught” sounds perfect to me!

I’ll follow those other leads. Again, thanks for your help.