Which would you choose: PatMag or Honeycomb Base?

Just as the subject says, I’m wondering which would be a better choice for a C&P 12x18?

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I believe the Patmag base is designed for mounting steel-backed photopolymer plates, while the honeycomb bases are designed for 11pt. or 1/4” (dependent on height) zinc, magnesium or brass dies and plates.

So, it is best to determine which product fits your workflow before buying either base. I currently use a honeycomb base for both unmounted metal 11pt. plates and film-back photopolymer plates mounted on a intermediate carrier. This works for me, but another printer may not need to switch between the two, and would prefer one or the other.

we have the honeycomb base and use it for the 11pt magnesium plates. We don’t use it much honestly. I think it’s only locked up in one form that we print ever so often.