ATF type faces- viewable online?

Hi All, I’m looking for an online resource to view samples of ATF type faces? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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If you are looking for a particular face, I can scan it from the 1923 catalog and email it.

I know someone who will be putting scans up on her website in the next few weeks. She won’t have all the faces, but will have a decent sized collection. She will probably post a link here.

Planetspatula: some ATF faces may be viewed at…

Planetspatula: some ATF faces may be viewed at…

Thanks all for the replies. Littlerubberfeet, I’ll take you up on your offer and get back in touch when I’m at my home computer!

Stanislaus, those are wonderful photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

not sure if they’re all ATF but the largest list of type faces you’ll most likely to find.