rollers on heidelberg

How hard should the rubber be on my form rollers? And how wide is the diameter? Is this the same for all the rubber rollers. What about the chome ones? Can they be safely brought back to life by recroming them?

Thank you everyone in advance :).

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I’m assuming you’re talking about a Windmill.

Roller companies make rollers for specific kinds of presses. So you don’t need to know roller diameter or length when ordering new rollers. Just let them know you need rollers for a Heidelberg Windmill. I’ve used Syn-tac rubber rollers. You will need to find an authorized dealer from which to order. You can probably find one by searching online or making a few phone calls.

I believe all four rollers are the same size. However, the company I order from does differentiate the two form rollers from the distributor and ductor rollers. Just explain what you need and they should take care of you.

The rubber is somewhat stiff, but should give when squeezed or pinched.

As far as the metal rollers…I wouldn’t mess with trying to resurface them. A good cleaning should do just fine. They may be slightly stained and impossible to get completely shiny and new looking, but that should still be ok and shouldn’t affect their performance.

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