Paul Shniedewend & Co. equipment

Does anyone have or know of any non-hand-press machinery or equipment made by Paul Shniedewend & Co., or their successors Wm. A. Field Co.? I’m trying to compile a history of these companies, and so far I have found a fair amount about the hand presses but very little about other equipment they made and/or sold. I’m particularly interested in finding a few examples of their Reliance paper cutter and the Shniedewend Patented Register device, though they evidently made other electrotyping and stereotyping equipment. Any clues will be welcomed.

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The letterpress engraving houses which do metal engravings would be the most most likely places to find some of this equipment, I would think. See the Yellow Pages of this website.


My dad has a 1947 paper cutter. It’s says 23 1/4 inch on it. I don’t really have any other info about it. He bought it from a newpaper or something similar.

Ad Lib….. I once owned a Relaince paper cutter by Paul Shniedewend & Co, and sold it due to OSHA pitching a fit over it being in operation. Old lever cutters are not very popular with OSHA guys, you know. I do believe that it is still in the Mobile AL area. I’ll ask around and see if I can locate it.

I have a Shniedewend & Lee Old Style Gordon 8 x 12 press. I also recall a 7 x 11 or two out there.


we have a Reliance paper cutter by Paul Shniedewend & Co., at our newspaper. It has been in a back room for ages, and still cuts with amazing precision!

Hello. I see it has been over 3 years since you posted ‘Paul Shniedewend & Co. equipment’. I too am curious about the history of Paul Shniedewend and Lee CO. I am curious to find out what information you have acquired and where you may have possibly posted this info. Please let me know. Thanks!

Here’s the ‘official’ history of Shniedewend & Lee according to Challenge Machinery.
I bought a Challenge 305 cutter in 1985, and still use it almost daily!

it is my understanding that the Field company only produced the Reliance press for a year or so around 1913 after taking over from Scniedewend.


I have Schniedewend & Lee’s 1888 catalogue of printing presses paper cutters etc., which was combined with a MacKellar type specimen. I would be happy to look up anything that interests you.

Here is a catalog that includes quite a few things they made.

The catalogue shown above that is online is the same one I have. I wasn’t aware that it was online.