Type cabinets

I am looking for some place that would build me cabinets for 20 drawers of california type trays that i acquired. The man had long since gotten rid of the long cabinet but kept the drawers- with type intact.
Or if any one has any plans for building them.

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Where are you located????

Also…. are all of your cases (not drawers nor trays) an even/consistent height in the front (dustless style) or are they taller in the middle and lower on each side (old style)?

It may be likely that someone in your general area has and empty cabinet that would accommodate your typecases. A normal cabinet will hold 24 cases, so you might as well try to acquire one of them.

Hello VJ,

If you can’t find vintage cabinets to your liking, almost any cabinetmaker should be able to make some for you. Here are some I had made. The design is straightforward, and the supports have shown no stress even with very full cases.



Contact Ed Thompson at Thompson Cabinet Co. and I bet you will find that he still has some case racks that he could sell you which are crated and ready for shipment.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I am located northeast of Atlanta- (seems to be all the stuff if see is north! )
And my cases(sorry- I am always interchanging with trays when I try to describe them to friends) are the old style- but they are all consistent-
And I did visit the Thompson Cabinet Co.- which I will probably use- was just hoping that someone had some hanging or some ingenius plans for building them.
thanks all

Years ago I built a cabinet for my wood type, and some of the metal type, using 3/4 inch plywood for the sides and 1/2 inch for the back, top, and bottom. I used 2x2 lumber in the back corners to attach the sides and back as well as to attach the top and bottom, and I made a base for it out of 2x4s. I used 1 inch aluminum angle for the case runners, screwed into the plywood sides with countersunk flat-head wood screws. It worked fine — I don’t recall the cost but it wasn’t a lot. Careful measurement is the key. All the materials can be bought at Lowe’s or Home Depot or someplace like that. I also have emptied the lip-front cases and ripped the raised lip off on a table saw to make dustproof cases out of them.

I have a Thomspon “ordinary case stand”, 24 drawers (12 x 12) for sale. Each slot holds a type drawer about 32-1/2” wide up to 24” deep. If interested I can send pictures.
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