What size guage?


I was wondering if anybody here could help me…
I was enquiring into getting some plates made for my Adana 5x3 and fell at the first hurdle. They asked what size guage it had. Could anyone answer this for me?

Sorry, I am a bit of a newbie!


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I assume you mean “gauge”, which is a measure of thickness of printing plates. They probably want to know which of the several plate base heights you plan to use for an unmounted plate such as photopolymer. Different systems use different thickness, or gauge, plates. If you’re ordering a metal photoengraving and you don’t have a base you can ask for them to be mounted type-high. For a 3x5 press the base would be so small as to be impractical, so I’d suggest the latter approach.

On the other hand if you mis-heard “chase” as “gauge” the answer should be obvious — 5x3 inches.

Thank you for replying so quickly, that’s really helpful.
Yes it must have been “gauge’ I meant, that’s definitely what he said. Type-high it is then.

Thanks again!

Type height and not type-high!

type height and not type high

Got it, type height - thank you!!

They also probably wanted to know what ‘guage’ or ‘thickness’ of plate to use for your engraving. If it is just a ‘block’ (UK terminology) for printing from then the plate thickness will be 16 guage. This will work with normal plate mounting.For embossing thicker plates are used.