Anyone still casting Granby?

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I just wondered if anyone knew is there’s someone out there still casting Granby?

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I believe Granby was a Stephenson Blake face, and therefore foundry mats were used in their pivotal casters to produce the type.Don’t know anyone in the UK casting using foundry equipment and I guess those SB mats would be at the type museum, never again to be exposed to molten type metal!!!

I personally have Monotype casters (Comp and Super) and have USA Lanston mats for their face ‘San Serif’ in 14-36point in a range of weights. This face is a very close recutting of the Rudolph Koch face Kabel. Nicer than Granby in my opinion. I know others who have Gill Sans in a variety of sizes. If you wish to discuss further email me on [email protected]. Incidentally I also have a Western 4 with a manual which I can scan for you!!!

Simon, check out Harry Macintosh in Edinburgh (Queensferry Road) he’s got tons of Monotype faces and still casts. You might be able to find something (not Granby) with him.