Serial Number on my OS C&P?

I am told that the serial number on Old Style C&Ps is on the top left of the platen— however, I cannot find a serial number there or anywhere else I have looked! Is there anywhere else it could be? I am very curious to find out when my press was manufactured. Thanks!

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It should be at the top left of the bed behind the chase.

It is on the upper left part of the press bed as you are facing the press. You might need a some coarse steel wool, solvent and elbow grease to reveal it. A serial number list can be found at: scroll down to find the list.

Thanks! You were right, Arie. I thought someone had painted the press bed black, but it turns out it was just ink (smooth, uniformly-covering ink) covering the entire plate. Massive amounts of coarse pad scrubbing with some WD40 revealed serial number 4881, which I believe means it was manufactured in 1894.

Thanks a bunch

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Vivienne, Weekend 1 055b.jpg

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Vivienne, Weekend 1 050b.jpg

Sorry, 4188 instead of 4881 :)

Is your press a 10x15? It appears to be from 1894.

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