Sourcing folded/perforated paper


I’m new to letterpress and am attempting to tackle several projects, three of which require folded cards.

Can anyone give any advice on where to source folded cards? I’ve contacted Keldon and while they’re happy to cut, they’ve told me they do not fold. Is there any place one can outsource folding and/or perforation once I’m done printing?

I’m looking to print on Crane Lettra 110lb and I understand it’s pretty tough to do yourself (and currently my challenge is the design and printing rather than the folding!)

I’m looking for standard sizes (4 Bar, etc).

Many thanks

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Try Unisource or any paper house in your area.

Try Astro Converters, . They stock Crane Lettra and will cut to size. I think that they will also do drilling and scoring, but I haven’t asked them about other services. I have found that their prices are better for Lettra cut to size vs. Keldon, although I go to Keldon for Lettra envelopes since Astro does not stock those.