Ways to cut foil rolls

I still have not found an affordable cutter to cut our rolls of foil on 1/2” cores. are there any ideas, plans, cutters available out there. All feedback will be appreciated.
We have used a pair of PVC cutters to cut in the past, but it creates a very ragged cut, and is hard to align the cut around the roll.

Thank you-

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i have cut some foil on my paper cutter, if the blade is not pretty sharp it will melt the end of the roll together, also it is not a clean cut, but has got me out of trouble a few times. i think your foil company might sell or know where to buy a foil cutter, i have been looking for a used one for years with no luck. tried cutting some on my lead saw, it melted the end together and ruined the foil. good luck dick g.

Foil cutter
Mine is just a like a wood tuning lathe with a utility knife blade that locks into position an a bar.

Bite the bullet. Yes they are $$. You could buy one of those hand crank foil cutters…..if you only need to cut foil sometimes, but why waste your time and foil?

This is how I beat the high cost of getting a new foil slitter for cutting my 1” core for my Kluge foiler.
Check out Grizzly Industries and look for a smal table top Lathe. Go to home depot and buy a 1” wooden dowel about 4’ long. Just attach the dowel to the lathe, slide your foil onto the dowel and then put a small screw into the edge of the foil roll and screw through the cardboard core into the dowel. That will hold the core to the dowel while it spins. I use a good razor knife against the foil roll, turn the lathe on slowly, apply pressure with the knife and it cuts the foil all the way through the core perfectly. I go through a dowel about every 2 months but it’s a lot cheaper than a slitter and it works GREAT.