Altering cuts

Is it possible to cut cuts?

I have lots of old wood and metal ones, and a few of them have a portion I’d like to chop off…smashed corners, etc. For instance, I have one that has a flower image on the right side of the metal plate and a poem on the left, but parts of the poem are smashed. (I didn’t do it—honest!) I’d like to separate the two halves so I can use the flowers. What’s the best way, if any, to do it?

NOTE: I am not aiming to alter any that are in good condition—just a few that can’t be used as they are.

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i cut mag dies on my printers saw with a carbide blade. be careful, some cuts mounted on wood can fly off when the blade hits the metal, good luck dick g.

I have taken a dremel and cut aline around the part to save and then pryed off the bad. Once that is off you cut the base however you want