Alternatives to Crane’s Lettra

Looking for alternatives to Crane’s Lettra paper. I’m not going to be conned into buying it any longer if there is a suitable alternative. I print on every paper there is- with suitable results, but get a GREAT print with the lettra.

What I don’t want to do- start ordering reams (or even samples that are a 1/3 of the price of a ream) of other papers and either get terrible impressions, or it just looks foul— in both cases I would be out significant chunks of change.

So, I’m looking for folks to pony up where they buy the paper (online links, if possible). Any takers? Thanks much! -Liz

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Here are a couple papers I have had good luck with recently and have weights similar to the Lettra series:

I have had limited experience with both of these (samples only of the Savoy, and have completed one job on the Holyoke), but both print well and have nice surface textures.

There are a lot of very nice papers out there and most of them print very well via letterpress. The difference in these stocks (Lettra, Holyoke & Savoy) is that they will take a deep impression quite well.

I just got a sample pack of Reich Savoy. It has a surface just a tad more smooth than Lettra and prints & takes impression just as well. I think it will be less prone to getting dirty. This has always been a problem for me with business cards printed on the 110 lb Lettra- you just can’t carry them without destroying them!

The Savoy prices are substantially cheaper too!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I haven’t tried Savoy yet. It sounds good. What I have used quite frequently is Somerset. There is good selection of color and texture within the line.

I am also a fan of Magnani Arturo, and Magnani has just released a new line called Revere. The samples just came in and look great, but I haven’t tried them yet.

Info available here:

I feel your pain with the Lettra, but Crane’s makes life pretty easy with all the matching envelopes and such (Arturo also), and there is value in that. I usually (try to) buy in large quantities when I can, which gives me a little room to haggle with the paper companies. They have had a rough year and are willing to talk.

Liz, peruse the Legion Paper site listed above. Thats my supplier, and they carry a ton of stuff. They also convert their own limited line of envelopes that match Somerset.

Waldwick Printing Company

Take a look at Neenah Sundance, Its felt finish takes an impression nicely, and not a prone to getting dirty, although it doesn’t feel as supple and rich as lettra

Hello all. I’m the owner of Legion Paper. (Bill mentioned us earlier.)

We have lots of different papers available (including many mentioned above) which are ideal for Letterpress printing. You can find a list of our papers for Letterpress here If anyone would like to try an assortment, I’d be happy to send out some free 8x10 samples to, say, the first 50 people to request them.

I’m not trying to sell or push any particular paper in this forum. I just thought I might be able to help you try different things without having to spend $. If you are interested drop an e-mail to [email protected]. I hope this is helpful.