Custom chase

Has anyone built a custom chase that includes an integral base for mounting polymer plates?

We will be only printing polymer plates on our Heidelberg Windmill.

It seems that there would be an advantage in incorporating the base directly into the chase design. If we have to have a custom base made would there be any disadvantage in a chase/base design?

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A printer here in San Francisco made a one-piece base/chase for his Heidelberg cylinder (one benfit is the high base keeps the sheet from sagging). Very neat. But then there aren’t grippers/frisket fingers on a cylinder press. On a platen frisket fingers may be needed, and an integral base of full size would only be useable on jobs that don’t need them.

Registration can be a problem if your plate is off by more than your guides can adjust for.

The weight of the combination should also be considered. I was just putting an embossing chase into a kluge and the leaning over the press with that weight creates awkward out of balance positions.
Watch for back issues

All great comments. Thanks for the input.

Well, the one-piece chase I saw was for a Heidelberg KS, so would measure 17.24” x 20.25” outside dimensions, and was made out of aluminum. It’d certainly be lighter than a chase full of lead. But even that is manageable, loading onto a flatbed. A 10 x 15 windmill chase would be half the size.

Aluminium base are nice and light I use them for cold embossing and printing with mag dies. I have an 11x15 brass die heater that I use for larger area foil stamping . I built it to bolt onto the bed of a press so no chase is required but it is still very heavy and not a lot of fun to put in or take out. I should have went with aluminium.

i would rather have a base locked in a chase, easier if you have to remove it i think. i use 1/4” mag dies, when i crash print i mount them on furniture with two pieces of chipboard under the furniture, i even have used type with this it works for me. good luck dick g.