Hebrew Type

I am looking to purchase Hebrew type in all sizes…especially large…but small text also.

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The Dale Guild Type Foundry can cast Hebrew type in a couple of sizes.

There is also this stuff that has been on eBay for a while. It looks VERY small (6 pt.?) and is probably cast to Israeli type height.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin cut some Hebrew wood type a few years back and might have an inventory of it available for sale. You might want to contact them to ask.


The type being offered on e-bay actually says “4 point Aharoni thin,” in Hebrew, on the package. I didn’t even know there was 4 point type, and it may indeed be equivalent to American 6 point. But I’d inquire further before buying it because the measurements the seller gives are very strange. Hebrew type, at least in Israel, was cast to European type height, .928 inches or 23.5 mm., a little higher than American type height (23.3 mm). The e-bay seller says the type is 1 mm high, which doesn’t seem possible. Maybe he just needs a new ruler (or an appointment with his optometrist), but I’d check before buying.

are you still interested in hebrew types?