Cold - Ink Performance. Please help.

I have a garage studio that will soon be insulated and heated. Until then, I am printing in the cold (20 degrees F) and am using a series of small candles under the ink disk to keep the disk and ink warm.

I am having a challenge though as the ink isn’t adequately covering the paper fibers in the image area. It seems that the cold is affecting the inks ability to adhere to the paper. The ink and rollers seem to be too cold.

I have a sufficient amount of ink, when I add more to help with this problem, the image is not longer crisp and the edges get muddy.

Any tricks for helping this beyond heating the garage? I am warming the ink, ink disk, rollers and nothing seems to be helping.

I am printing on Crane Lettra 110#, VanSon rubber-based inks (Black), packing: tympan, pressboard, index paper. Boxcar base with deep relief plates.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I could be wrong but inks and presses weren’t meant to operate in 20 degree temperatures. We won’t even try running below -60 degrees. The metal is just too cold and the ink is too thick as well as the oil that’s in the presses.

a have the same problem, when tthe temp goes below 60 degrees i run a electric heater next to the press, it helps alot. good luck dick g. you could try bringing the rollers and ink into the house until your ready to print.

The only thing you can really do is insulate.

I’m finishing up the mud and tape over at my place right now. I Insulated and sheetrocked the walls and ceiling, installed better lighting and an exhaust fan. I’m in the high desert and it gets really cold here. Right now it is 20 degrees outside, but 60 or so in the shop with a small heater going.

If I had to do it all over I would have hired out. :) Make sure you wrap everything because the dust gets everywhere. A shot of whiskey ever now and then helps too.

i can’t seem to get any of my presses to take a shot of whiskey.

Thanks, everyone! I’ll start looking for a contractor tomorrow and will swing by the liquor store to get me through until then! Stay warm.