Troyer Ornaments

Years ago my father Norman owned a set of Troyer Ornaments from American Type Foundry (I think they were the foundry). Does anyone know if these are still available or better yet, available as a digital file? I’ve Googled Troyer Ornaments but haven’t had much luck.



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I found them at

Courtney —

Were they listed under another name rather then Troyer? I didn’t see them on


I haven’t checked the 1923 catalog, but if they are in there, I can send you a really high rez scan (it would only take 10 minutes). You could use them as TIFs, or vectorize them with Illustrator, or something similar.

Troyer ornaments are much later than 1923. I haven’t seen them any earlier than the 1961 Book of American Types, though there may be earlier pamphlets.
Many of the mats still exist (I think in the hands of a list member), but I don’t know if they have been made availble to the Dale Guild for casting.

I just googled “Troyer Ornaments” and found them.

I just had a hard time finding them again. I hope this gets you there. Also I have a 1954 Kelsey catalogue and some of the Troyer ornaments were sold by Kelsey as “Modern Ornaments & Decorators FONT “C” (11 Different Pieces)”. for a mere $1.80.


Paul, you might ask Sky Shipley. He’s got foundry mat holders for his casters. Heh…Or you might be able to borrow a mould and hand-cast…

I don’t know if Theo even has a 48 pt. caster running. I know he gave up 72 pt. a long while ago…Though it is a scary beast. Then again, I never got the whole story our of him…

M&H also has a foundry mat holder for the Thompson, used in the past only for text size mats. If you could get him interested, Dan Carr casts foundry mats at Golgonooza. At Dale Guild I think such large mats are done on a hand-cranked pivotal caster, at a cost few want to pay.
My understanding was that the Troyer doves were not with this set. Is that right?


If you do get Sky to cast them, I’d go in for one or two sets. Maybe we should gauge interest on here and do a pre-order to make it worth his while…

Hi Paul,
If you want to have things cast at The Dale Guild I can help to arrange it. What point size are the ornaments? Most of the casting these days is handled by Theo’s apprentice Micah Slawinski Currier.

Did you end up with all of Mr. Solo’s matrices? I’ve tried a few times to reach him over the phone, but never had any luck.

There has been a lot of action at The Dale Guild lately. Micah is there today finishing up a casting of the 24 point Alpha Blox which will be offered for sale in fonts. This is the first time they’ve been cast since the ATF days.

Next up is a large order for NA Graphics (I’ll leave it to Fritz to talk about that), a custom logotype for The Cooper Union from art by Tom Carnase, and an order of 24 point Garamond also for our studio at Cooper.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY


Not to get off subject, but i have a question- is the Dale Guild site not up to date? I checked out their site a couple of days back, and i left there with the impression that they were not going to be around much longer. It sounds from your post that they are still going strong. i hope that is the case because they have some nice typefaces i want to order!

Hi Donald,
The foundry has been very active. I have seen some matrix cutting projects and a healthy quantity of type orders on the Barth casters. It is fortunate that there has been a steady amount of paying work while Theo has been working to train an apprentice.

A new website is in the works.