Cutting clear plastic on a letterpress?

Does anyone know where I can find a source to die cut some clear plastic (the kind you use for a plastic packaging box)?

I am in need of a plastic box to house my recipe cards, and it needs to be very custom. I’m attaching an image here.

Is this something I could do on a letterpress? I have a 12x18 C&P….

image: boxClear.jpg


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Check out any of the Plastic Distribution Companies, Laird Plastics, Piedmont Plastics, Professional Plastics etc. check out IAPD which is the International Association of Plastics Distributors. These guys usually have contacts that can fabricate what you need or can do it themselves.

I have often cut plastic film on a windmill you need a steel jacket, kiss impression, and you must have nicks in the knives to allow the cut to be delivered,don’t forget to remove your rollers

i have a pantograph, and make some desk name plates, recently i had a request for a name plate that was curved, i had a die for cutting paper that was the same, so i tried it on my 10x15 c&p, the plastic is about 1/8” thick, it worked great. Dick G.