Insurance For Letter Press Equipment

We are about to move to our new studio and will need to insure our letterpress equipment. Any suggestions for companies to do this through here in the UK?


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What exactly are you insuring? Transport? On-site liability?

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

We need to insure our equipment against damage, theft…etc…

I was able to insure my Windmills, my Vandercook and my paper cutter on a pretty standard business policy. They wouldn’t insure my Chandler and Price machines without additional charges. They’re not worth enough to worry about, anyhow.

Interestingly, they didn’t question them from a liability standpoint. I sure don’t want to have to test that.

I would think liability is more important than theft. Who’s gonna haul 2,000 lbs of steel and cast iron out the door? Wily letterpress burglars!

Thanks for the suggestions. I take your point about theft Jonsel - not worried about the press being stolen. However, we are based in an innercity area in a large city where vandalism is common. The mill next to ours got burnt to the ground by arsonists two years ago so we’re more concerned about protecting equipment on that basis!

Are you able to insure for replacement cost?

For example, how much would it cost to replace a fount, if it were stolen or melted in a fire?
What would be the value of a fount that is no longer cast anywhere?

Hi Lizposs,

Just wondering if you had any update on this and if you found a company/policy to go with as I’m also looking into the same thing?