LOL LETTERPRESS blog is up and running!

We just launched our letterpress business and are so excited.
Check out our restored 1894 Chandler & Price 8x12 Old Style Press. We are very pleased with the restoration that DeFelice Engineering has done. Check out our blog at


image: IMG_0630.JPG


image: IMG_0631.JPG


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Those must be flat by now, however, a very beautiful press.

Not only is the press beautiful, but look at that world-class skid they placed it on. Finally, someone properly skidding a platen press for safe shipping!

Congratulations to Tropical Retreat for supporting such a restoration, and, of course to DeFelice for actually doing such a fine job of it.

I note also some custom work - they very wisely added a custom safety shield (disk) outside of the drive gear on the right side of this press. Good idea.

As a rescuer and ‘restorer’ of platen presses for many years (but not quite to this level of restoration), I am impressed. Very impressed. The last press I saw that looked this good was Rich Polinski’s restoration of his 8x12, which is now in Sarah Smith’s shop, traded for my own high-school teacher’s 10x15 - which Rich & I disassembled to remove from his basement last year.

Of course, this does raise the bar a bit in what folks might expect of any of our restorations in the future, but no matter; this is a wonderful thing to see.

Thank you for your comments! We are very excited to start our journey in the art of Letterpress. Thanks to both of you for helping novices like us and passing on your knowledge of this beautiful art.

That is a beauty of a press. Congratulations.

My goodness, thats beautiful. If anyone in Australia ever wants to come restore our C&P to that level, we will praise you a thousand times over.

It’s so pretty, I’d be afraid to get it all inky.