Blank invitation cards and envelopes

Happy long weekend
Question, I am about to start offering pre cut card blanks made from my tree fee cotton paper. One of the options is to offer card blanks with a single deckle edge in a natural white and a second offering with Pearlized white. Please jump in here as I am not sure if I should offer A 6 or A 7? What do you all think? Suggest other options Colored borders? Glitter borders. I am open to any suggestions you may have
Thanks and have a great holiday
Paul DeFruscio

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I tend to use A6 and A5.5 cards the most. A7’s are a bit big for most applications. A5.5’s are good for “Thank You”, Invitations, etc… A6 is good for holiday cards and general purpose cards. I have a box of A7 stock I bought quite a while ago and have never used.

I actually do a lot of wedding invites at a-7 size, and a-2 stationery.. I am starting to do more 4-bar notes.
I am not a big fan of deckle edge myself. I do however get a lot of requests for edge coloring — any one have any thoughts on how to do that?

two potential methods, you could overprint a solid of the color and trim later to size, or simply overprint with a frisket of some sort to keep your tympan clean.

Alternatively, mix food coloring, water color, or fountain pen ink with water to dilute to the proper color, and dip the edge of each card then blot and stack to dry. you’ll end up with a more organic looking edge color, particularly on deckled hand made or mould made papers…

I’m sure there are other methods.

BTW, does anyone know why A5.5 and A2 are the same size but labeled differently?

Oh, and Paul, are you only planning on offering folders, or panels as well? in A2/A5.5, I use more panel cards than folders.

Just found the answer to my own question re stock sizes.

It appears envelopes are sold as A2-A10. They are also sold in 5.5 Bar and larger sizes. The labeling refers to the envelopes rather than the card stock.

A is short for Announcement style, with a squared off flap. Bar is short for Baronial with a triangular flap. Cards are sold to match so cards will show up as 5.5 bar or A2, and are the same size, but are labeled to match the paired envelopes.

See foro a table.