Triumph Proof Press

I have a Triumph Proof Press that I bought at a Garage Sale. Does anyone have any information on these? It is a tabletop model. I was wondering if it took a special galley tray to get type high.


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There are lots of proof presses, maybe a picture would help. Most proof presses i’ve seen use a galley, but some don’t. I would place type in the bed and try to print it, if it doesn’t come near printing then you might need a galley. Good Luck Dick G.


I owned a Triumph. It came with a bed plate. Oddly, though, the bed plate made things too high if they were in a galley or a composing stick, but if I didn’t use the bed plate things sat too low to proof.

I solved the problem by adding packing layers under whichever galley I was proofing in. The bed plate sat against the wall and wasn’t used.

I *think* the reason is that the impression cylinder has shrunk over time. Replacing these with new rubber is expensive, though. I just made do as it was, and it was quite a decent proof press.

Good luck with it. They work well and are worth using.

Thank you for the information. Here are a couple of pictures.

image: lego, press stuff 006.jpg

lego, press stuff 006.jpg

photo number 2

image: lego, press stuff 007.jpg

lego, press stuff 007.jpg