searching for C&P old series info

Have recently aquired an old series C&P and am searching for info or links to parts lists,etc.

Can anyone provide advice for Model No.B6522…?

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I can. I just finished restoring an 8x12 OS.
I’d be happy to answer any questions. Just shoot me an email.

You might check the serial number again, possibly sanding the area of the number on the the press bed. Old Series 8x12’s end with serial #B5527 in 1911. Both Old and New Series were produced in 1911. New Series 8x12’s start in 1911 with serial #B50000. Is flywheel on your press with straight or curved spokes? Painted grey or black?

It has been brought to my attention that B5527 was the starting (not ending) number for the 1911 Old Series 8x12 C&P. So it’s very likely that your number B6522 was made in 1911. Again I must put on my orthopaedic shoes and stand corrected! Sorry!

Thank you, very helpful.

Back to the question…parts list…
Have a great weekend.

Excellent, thanks again