recycled brown paper for printing

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a brown / recycled paper for letterpress? I am aware of ‘hard bits’ in paper having a negative effect on plates so would like to avoid this of course, but has anyone had success and what do you use? (am looking for something around 35p-400gsm)
Have attached the sort of colour I am after.

image: botanykraft100x100.jpg


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I’ve only just ordered my Adana 8x5 (I’m in Sydney) and have been researching what papers I’ll use. I found this one: but it’s only 300gsm …

I think what you’re looking for is called chipboard (at least in the US). And I have had success printing on chipboard, but it was just some random stuff I had around so I can’t really make a recommendation.

@davina and @r0nniem,

Did either of you ever work out a good supplier for a Kraft style paper for letterpress? That would eb available in Australia?

I’ve been madly googling without much success.

If you check this link:
There’s an example of letterpress on Stonehenge Kraft… It’s a little light (270gsm) and most art stores / suppliers haven’t heard the Kraft option. I’ve got a few looking into it.

Weighing in at a hefty 140 lbs., single-ply Muscletone is French’s heavy-weight champ. Unlike laminated sheets, there’s no glue to dissolve on press or layers to peel, warp, and crack during scoring. With no white edges, the color sheets are ideal for covers, business cards, boxes and packaging.

This is from the French website.
Check it out at:

Good luck

Thanks Jim, I’m going with Muscletone Kraft.

I did actually source Stonehenge Kraft in Australia in the end but it wasn’t really a Kraft paper with the “recycled” look. Too perfect.

Davina….. I’ve got a long history of printing on “alternative materials” and using “alternative processes” going back to the 1960’s….. and I ‘ll tell you that I love work done on brown papers. For a whole decade, I did protest and concert posters using bright colors on a brown paper-bag type of material.

So where can you get it at a reasonable cost nowadays? Home Depot, or any other Home Center. It comes in large rolls for about 1/3rd of what it costs at the paper house, and it’s pretty good stuff. It also comes in a variety of weights and textures….. and much of it is made from recycled material. (it’ll say so right on the label) I love it.

My most popular piece ever was an Anti-Walmart poster printed on a roll of paper bought at Walmart! Ha! I consider it a bit of Guerilla Propaganda Printing! Sun Tzu would be proud!

Anyway…. how do you work with such a roll? I first use a yardsitck to tear it to workable sizes, then cut it down it final size using a paper cutter, or a trimmer. It takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it, since your finished product will be both unique AND environmentally friendly.

Do you happen to have any pictures of your old poster work? I’d love to see it.


Muscletone Kraft was too perfect also - had that “speciality paper” look to it with flecks.

Finally, I found Buffalo Board from KW Doggett. It was exactly what I wanted. Both the 386 and 332 gsm.

Very economical too, order it from their Pedigree Paper store