12x18 c&p feeder tubes

hi all.
Found the person I was looking for so here are some pitures of the feeder tubes from a Rice feeder off a 12x18 C&P Craftsman for future reference if anyone needs them.

Pics below, links to BIG pics below too…






image: 2386179340102617907S500x500Q85.jpg


image: 2390205350102617907S500x500Q85.jpg


image: 2696767210102617907S500x500Q85.jpg


image: 2822553140102617907S500x500Q85.jpg


image: 2970991050102617907S500x500Q85.jpg


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if for some reason you can’t view the large image links just reload the page after clicking the link. they don’t seem to work for me the first time I click them.

I will send you $100 for the Rice feeder parts. Do you have PayPal? If not, please specify how I can get the money to you. Thanks! Leon Wood

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elizabeth. I actually put these up more as a photographic reference for these as I had been getting so many questions about what they looked like and such.

The existing manuals have illustrations that were very difficult to see so I thought it might be good to show the parts laid out.

Hopefully that’s what this particular post will be used for.