Heidelberg Wash up Blade

What is the most effective way to use the washup blade/reservoir on the Heidelberg. I am letting the machine run and slowly pouring out wash on the top metal roller that is in the middle, and pushing the washup blade forward. However, it seems like 25% of the wash/ink does not go in the reservoir and than makes an inky/wash mess down the press, especially when I pull the wash-up blade/reservoir out of the slot.



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Make sure the rubber part of the washup blade is contacting the ink drum when you push it forward. There could be some dried ink or other foreign matter preventing the blade from contacting the drum. Also your rubber blade could be worn out. Look for dried ink anywhere in the washup reservoir opening especially around the outside part of the press where the reservoir slides in.

I am presuming that when running the Windmill, you are running the rubber distributor with the top distributor and the rear oscillators in the ink train. When washing up from this configuration, start by lifting the impression roller latch so the impression rollers aren’t on the ink drum. Apply solvent to one side, apply blade, solvent to the other side, apply blade. Put a bead of solvent across the whole fountain (I actually use a spray bottle for mineral spirits (kerosene eats the spray heads) let run a little and apply the blade.

At this point, drop the impression rollers back down, apply a bead of solvent across the ink drum, and apply the blade and repeat (only one of two times) until the color of the impression rollers shows, then lift rollers off, apply the blade and STOP the press (with blade on). Make sure the blade is off the cylinder and inch the cylinder around until the black stripe comes around, then wipe off (you’ll figure how to do this without the impression rollers getting in the way.

Remove the rubber distributor, wipe off and put away. Wipe off the metal distributors then bring up the impression rollers (usually to the break point between the chase and the ink cylinder) and wipe off (or remove from the press, wipe off and store). Finally, pull the sludge tray, dump the goop out (I keep a wadded rag in mine to keep it from slopping, wipe the blade and bottom of the tray, replace and call it good.

Takes longer to write it out than to just do it. You will have some spray just below the ink cylinder, but that will wipe right up—you shouldn’t be having a quarter of your solvent going anywhere but into the sludge tray. .

IF you are NOT running the distributors (just the ink drum and impression rollers), you WILL have a mess cleaning up with the washup tray, at least I do and I suspect others as well. Use the extra rollers: it speeds wash up, reduces ink variations and will improve your press work.