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Yeah, I want some of what that guy’s making! I’m looking forward to printing with someting other than black.

…if I can find ink in smaller quantities like tubes I’ll be happy. I too want something other than the 3 I have now.

There’s a guy on this site that sells ink in tubes, Dave The Ink Tube Guy, must be contact info in the yellow pages saction on this site. Dick G.

I used to pick up ink from a place where they made it as It was located close to our printing co. It was pretty interesting, but never had enough time to see the whole process. Ron

Not finding anything in the yellow pages section. No one knows how to find this special ink in tubes man? No website?

Daniel smith.com

For empty tubes to do it yourself, Daniel Smith, ASW, or some other art suppliers; “empty paint tubes”.

For tubes already filled with ink, NA Graphics, perhaps one or two other suppliers, and me, the Ink in Tubes Guy. No, no website, not in BriarPress yellow pages yet, but a web or Briar Press search would have found something. From another thread I answered yesterday:

Unfortunately “Ink in Tubes” is strictly a tiny, spare-time hobby operation that simply has to take third or fourth place after my first and second jobs and my wife’s orchid business, and sometimes I can’t devote as much time to it as I’d like. That being said, I just spent most of three days driving to, doing, and returning from the L.A. Printers’ Fair to make Ink in Tubes available there, and I’ll be at the Bay Area Book Arts Jam the Saturday after next.

Sometimes e-mail gets lost, especially if sent to my old “DavRobison(at)aol.com” address, and sometimes I do forget to reply, but you can e-mail to “Ink(at)ORCHIDesign.com” and usually get a reply within a couple of days — if not, try again.

Thanks! Dave (the Ink in Tubes guy)