Earlier this year I informed the readers of the sudden death of Georg Kraus, owner of the Preussisches Bleisatz Magazin.
I would like to inform you now, that his daughter Hannah Kraus, and Klaus Neukirch will continue the business under a slightly different name:
They’re in the process of making an inventory of the material for sale and will soon have it available again.
The well known printer Martin Z. Schröder from Berlin will advise the new company.

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This is a great loss. Georg was very kind to me & was instrumental in getting some of the finest European types for my type library. May he rest in peace & rise in glory.
Nektarios McKnight
Philoxenia Press

In another post I informed that his daughter continues the business under a slightly different name: Bleisatz-Magazin and their address is:
You will be able to purchase your fine types from her.