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Two weeks ago I visited M. Gerstenberg of the Stempel Typefoundry in Darmstadt, Germany. here he runs the last remaining typefoundry in Europe, still casting Garamond, Walbaum, Diane, Helvetica, Vendôme and many other faces. Machines from the former Stempel and Haas foundries sit now together in this fantastic building, that also houses a printing museum. M. Gerstenberg can deliver American type-height, but the point size will be Didot.

image: gerstenberg.jpg


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freshly cast.jpg

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Great discussion, thanks for the story and images.

What is the link to Schriftenservice Stempel


Awesome!! Thank you Thomas for this posting.

btw. Is Schriftenservice Stempel generally open to visitors? (How far is Darmstadt from Frankfurt).


Darmstadt is about 25 minutes by train from the main railway station in Frankfurt-am-Main, follwoed by a 10-15 minutes walk to the building where the museum and the foundry are situated. It would be a good idea to get in touch with M. Gerstenberg, before going there. He normally works there in the mornings. I’ve got about 60 photographs and will post them before too long on Flickr and an article will probably follow at the beginning of next year. The museum is worth a visit as well. A fantastic book, printed in letterpress, in an edition of 40 copies and using the woodtype of the museum, ended up in the slection of the 50 best books in Germany. As a bonus, another image.

image: ready to be dispatched

ready to be dispatched

I bought a lot of 20 point Frühling from them & it is a joy to work with. They are gracious & extremely careful in their work. The shipment may be viewed on my Flickr site at
“philoxenia” under letterpress sets.

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I am really looking forward to that article!

Hopefully Micah and I will be able to visit Mr. Gerstenberg this coming year.

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