Black Letterpress Stock?

Can anyone recommend good black stock for letterpress? I get a lot of requests for this, but resources where I am are limited. It would be great to find an online source of fluffy black paper that’ll deliver to Singapore!

Short of flimsy black construction paper, shops here only have black mounting board, which requires a deep blind impression first and then a second run of a heavily-inked “kiss”. Any paper/stock you can suggest that’ll make my life easier would be appreciated. Thanks :)

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Black stock for letterpress is VERY tricky. Neither oil or rubber based inks are opaque enough to give you a true solid color print.

That being said I know arches bfk rives comes in black I think. It’s about 260gsm I think.

Start here:

April Fine Paper Trading Pte Ltd
80 Raffles Place, #50-01 Uob Plaza 1, Singapore 048624 +65 6538 0020 () ‎

they can lead you to other sources.

thepressman: glad to hear I’m not the only one with this problem (though I wouldn’t wish it on anyone)! thanks for the recommendation - arches looks like the most promising thing I’ve seen….

typenut: As far as their sales department knows, they only sell 80/100g computer printer paper by the containerful! Is there someone specific like a distributer you dealt with?

Cheers, Emily

Let me know how you make out with the project

I’ve been toying with the idea of giving the mounting board another go, since it’s readily available. The main problem with mounting board is its rigidity - I’ve had my press jam before, so I’m paranoid about trying to put too deep a bit into such a hard stock.

Will keep you posted on any progress I make, either with printing or with my paper hunt :)