10x15 Lock up Questions

I am a new owner of a C&P 10x15 NS and just ordered a 9x12 deep relief Boxcar Base. I am still in the works of tracking down a chase, quoins and furniture.

My questions are:
What size quoins are ideal for my setup?
and roughly how much furniture should i be tracking down?
I cant imagine i will need a ton of furniture for lock up using this large of base.

Any input would be greatly appreciated and if anyone is selling the parts i may need even better.

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That’s a pretty big base for your press. Anyhow, I’d check ebay for your supplies or call Alan at Excelsior Press. He has everything you need and sells furniture by the piece and may have some quoins. NA Graphics also has a variety of hi speed quoins for sale. Just do a search.

Since the chase is 10x15 you can just get 2- 9” quoins and a variety of furniture in various sizes for different positioning of the base. Then you can use it for a smaller base in case you downsize in the future. But basically anything that you can get to fit should be fine and furniture is inexpensive.

Good luck!

I second above. That’s too big a base. You should have them cut it in half and then have one of those halves cut in half again. This will give you more options that you will be very happy to have down the road.

I use a full chase base on my 10x14 Kelsey Union Rotary Job Press to good advantage. Having that large a base does not mean you are going to print that large a solid image, but gives you the capability of positioning copy anwhere you wish on a large sheet.

If you use gage pins which are compressable or very thin, you have no worries of positioning the printed sheet anywhere you wish on the platen. I make my own gage pins for this application.

Of course, if the the major consideration is cost, you should purchase a base no larger than the largest sheet you may wish to imprint.


I may have not have said it clearly, or maybe you understood and just disagree. I was suggesting still buying the 9 x 12 but having it cut for flexibility(Boxcar offers this option). Any of the three pieces created by cutting can be combined or used separately depending on job. This would give you your print anywhere on a large sheet option plus others where traditional gauge pins could be used. I’m a big fan of the Kort guides which would obviously not be a happy marriage with a large base. I could see with you making your own guides, its not a problem placing the plate anywhere.

I chose the large base as that’s what boxcar recommends.

The base is already in transit or i would have considered boxcar cutting the base in 2. My dad own a large metal shop so if the large base is too problematic I’m sure we can cut it in half. Thanks for the input.

I may try using chip board initially in place of gauge pins and see if i can print successfully.

Here’s another discussion that should help you with the gauge pins and positioning for the large base. http://www.briarpress.org/3811

I personally use paper gauges if it is going to be under the base and double sided foam tape if it’s outside the base.
The only problem with thicker paper and chip board for gauge pins is that it’ll create light impression marks onto your final print. So you might want to try thinner paper as the gauge pin.

Nothing beats trial and error, just try different things until it works.