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I just bought my first letterpress machine Chandlier and Price Pilot platen 8 x 12 and would really like to learn how to use it using photopolymer plates. I am looking for someone who would be willing to teach me the basics. I will pay for lessons or work experience.

I have so many questions about what programmes you use to create designs etc.

I live in Gladstone QLD which is 6 hours north of Brisbane and willing to travel- within reason.


Bianca Zussino

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I recently did a course “letterpress 101” (do a search for it in Briar) with William Amer. I actually flew from Brisbane down to Sydney and then drove a further 4 hours…. so… not sure if that fits travelling within reason BUT it was the most incredible weekend with an incredible, funny, extremely knowledgeable teacher. He is an absolute wealth of knowledge and left me feeling more than confident in handling my new press and opened my mind to the history and all the mechanics behind it all. Well worth the travelling effort. Good luck!

Sorry.. its in Rockley NSW. A beautiful little town with a great pub (thats where I stayed). William is literally a 1 minutes walk from the pub which made it so easy for me, and did I mention that his wife cooks up the most incredible lunches and morning/afternoon teas. It felt like a holiday but the time spent with William is intense learning time. Any and every question I had was answered and more.

Struth! I didn’t pay Winston Press for that comment, but I certainly like it. Many thanks Sam.
Bianca, I think you’ll find that you bought a 12 x 8 CP Old style platen press. The Pilot styled press went to Melbourne.
William Amer, Rockley, near Bathurst. NSW

Thanks for correcting that for me William- as I said I am very very very new to it all, don’t even know what type of machine I own :).

Thanks Winston for your comment- I was fortunate enough to buy my press off the man himself with a lesson chucked in on the side.