Restoring a Golding Pearl?

The Letpress List has spawned a new list dedicated to people restoring Golding Pearl presses. Thanks to John Falstrom, who was cc’ing a bunch of us and inspired me to set up a list.

If you own a Pearl No. 1, 3, 11, or whatever, and want to clean, repaint or restore it, this list is for you.

Fair warning: Pearls are nice little presses but should _not_ be used for deep impression. Think of them as the Model T of the printing world. A lot of them were made, and they do need care to keep running, but they will indeed give good service beyond their 100+ years.

Hope this helps describe our new List. My New Year’s resolution is to begin restoring my 1900 Pearl No. 3. The List is definitely going to inspire me to keep up the good fight.

==Marjorie Wilser, Three Toad Press

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Thanks John and Marjorie.

I think this is a great idea — it’ll help Pearl owners and restorers.

By the way, a couple of weeks ago I created a pubic Flickr group to upload photos of Pearls. Perhaps this could also help other Pearl owners/restorers:


Speaking of Pearl Presses, I have a 7x11 that I would like to sell. If anyone knows of someone looking for a Pearl please let me know. It is complete with a couple of chases. I also have a ton of type that I need to move.

Which model is it and where is it located, and what is the asking price? If those are all right I might be interested. Got photos?


We now have a bunch of restored, and in-progress, Pearls on our List website too. A database of Pearls has been started. It is exciting to see how many people out there have active plans to restore their Pearls. Even over a holiday weekend, the List grew quickly!

Best wishes on selling your Pearl, Jeff, and I hope it goes to the right home. Please be sure to let the buyer know about PearlRestor!