New Australian letterpress studio

Hello everyone!

We’ve been reading, learning and lurking here for a while, but we’d like to officially introduce ourselves:

We are Jenna and Simon Hipgrave from Brisbane, Australia and are very keen letterpress printers with graphic design and advertising backgrounds.

We’ve been printing for around 12 months, primarily on Heidelberg Windmills but also dabbling with the occasional hand fed press. Our self imposed ‘apprenticeship’ is nearing completion and we’ve finally taken some steps to acquire a press of our own.

If anyone is interested, you can find the rest of our work here:

image: img_9356.png

image: P1080434.png

image: P1080486.png

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Hi from Scotland.I was searching for someone who could give me advice on TP48 rollers, when I came actress your site. Well done. I started up “Piccolo Press” in Nairn, Scotland some 30 years ago and sold the business two years ago. Had a fantastic ‘ride’ with letterpress and engraving (diestamping).
Now trying to get some hobby work done with an Arab and TP48.
If you do that letterpress work on a TP48, you are doing REALLY well!!
Incidentally, my mother was from Indroopilly and I went to school there many years ago!
With best wishes
Tim Honnor

What is the problem with your rollers Tim? If you are adjusting the height you have two adjusters on each side.