Paper Cutter blades

Does anyone else have a Oswego Machine Works paper cutter? Got a 19 inch one last year and wondering if there are any blades around for it. I know that I can have one made, but would like to have one that I can sharpen if possible.

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You might check with the the people over here at The Cutting Edge in Colorado. I’ve bought several knives for paper cutters from them at very reasonable rates. They also deal in used knives, and may be able to identify a knife with a matching specification if one isn’t available.

I use superior grinding out of Kansas City. They were able to supply blades of cutters I’ve used in the past. More to the point, check out local grinding shops. It may take a few cold calls from the yellow pages but it’s worth it to have a local source.

FYI blade sharpening shouldn’t cost more than $20

I used Kastle Grinding in KC - $20 for sharpening and they can get blades for other cutters.