Need measurement for an 8x12 C&P new series

Hi everyone,
I’m making a pallet to move an 8x12 C&P new series and need the distances between the 1/2” bolt holes in the feet. Could someone in the know measure, from center, the distance from front to back, and left to right? I need to fasten 2 pieces of 2x6 on top of the pallet for strength and want to be sure the feet will be mostly centered on them once they’re mounted.
Thanks in advance!

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Fasten the 2x6s to the feet first and then put it on top of a pallet, if you really need to.

I’ve never needed to. The 2x6s (or 4x4s, I’ve even used 2x4s) are usually sufficient to make transport relatively easy with a pallet jack or iron pipe rollers.

I’m not near my press just now, so I can’t measure.

On the C&P 8x12 NS, the length between the center of bolt holes on the feet is 26.5” front to back (facing the feedboard, measured on the left foot only, but the feet appear to be the same).

Between the two feet it is 14.5” left to right, from the center of each bolt hole.



Excellent! Thank you so much.