What are Rouse Pica Sticks worth?

I have 7 Pica Sticks and need to know what they are worth. One is the Quarter Point Pica Stick. Also I have a Rouse slug cutter. What’s it worth? See pic.

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Unless a collector has a serious interest in them, or they new in box stainless, composing sticks on Ebay have been running in the $10-$20 range. Slug cutters can run anywhere from $25-$75 depending on condition and which variety of cutter you have. However the slow decline of metal composition isn’t helping out the prices of either item.

Hey Mike

I think this stuff is selling quite reasonlably, as used equipment on the open market. Dealers were selling this stuff for much higher prices prior to the more open access of e-marketing.

Not sure there is a decline in metal comp, simply a matter of disinterest in folks now drawn to letterpress, who are expanding the field.

Think of it as “islands of the saved.” Metal will ultimately outlast photopolymer because of the film issue. Of course, they will be small islands. But that really won’t matter now will it.



I’ve got a very nice (metal) island, thank you : <)). Actually, non-dealer sellers on Ebay tend to have far more reasonable pricing. That said though, a dealer is going to (ideally) have what you are looking for in stock, right now. You pay for that availability, dealers have to eat too.

Don’t be so certain that the end of film will kill photopolymer, I suspect that CTP solutions for this are right around the corner, and small versions of the same are coming behind that. Who would have thought anybody would bring back wood type? Now, I just need a really cheap source of Linotype mats—replicator anybody?