I have just inherited these,

i know very little about these 2 but some one has kindly told me what they are, has anyone any idea to the value of either of these, unfortunatley i only have room for the blocking press.
Many thanks

image: ppresses1.jpg


image: ppresses2.jpg


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Picture didn’t load.

And pictures won’t load on BriarPress if they have any unauthorized characters (such as ampersands, maybe slashes) in the name. This is a regular problem for users here.

The first looks like a blocking press, used by bookbinders to decorate bindings etc., rather than a printing press.
The second is a hand cylinder or proofing press, seems to be of the general design of the Lightning press. Soldans was one maker of this style.

Thats great thankyou for your help much apprecitated.

Just inherited these two items, does anyone know their value? Thanks. Steve

@parralel_imp: he is right: the first one: its a book press. love it and take good care of it.

the second one: its a cylinder proof press, you have to crank by hand. good luck and have fun!

Hi there, have you managed to get the proofing press working? I am about to purchase one and am interested in finding a few spare parts or if there is anything specifically I should look for.

Many thanks.

If you are in Uk Patrick Roe The Logan Press would be interested in the proofing press probably-don’t break for spares-can go for good prices now in Uk

Would it be possible for you to upload more pictures of the proofing press - I particularly need the roller and lever configuration.

Many thanks