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Richard .
Anodising grid lines onto the base is not justified look at part T450 f at the back of your heidelberg spares book ,do you want one in the post ? they dont come gridded but they dont need to be in this case , give me a week or two to find time to knock one up for you and you can be my tester !!!
I used these for years as a younger man not that i am old yet mind !!

Hi from Australia Ironfire

How much do you charge for your printing base to suit an an Adana 8 X 5 ?
Also, how much would postage be to Australia, Area code 0810 ?


I’d certainly be interested in getting a larger one to fit a Vandercook – maybe at around 13x19”?
However I think I’d prefer the standard gauge, not ‘deep relief’…

Willing to pay a reasonable amount for them…


Are these the ones that have been on ebay recently?


Hi Ironfire

Thanks for your response mate.I guess from my point of view I would be willing to pay $120 AUD for the base + the 20 Pound postage would bring it roughly to around $150……free shipping to Australia !
Postage costs so much for Letterpress equipment (especially type) as I purchase 95% of my bits and pieces from the UK & the USA.


A packet from within the uk in an equvalent weight to one i sent to the states recently cost me more than overseas ,someone is greedy !!

Hi iron fire,

I would be very interested in purchasing a base for my Adana 8x5, are they going to be available soon, or could you let me know when I could order one from you?

Many thanks

Well I would probably go with the recommended size from Boxcar, 3.5 x 6.5” as I am total beginner and taking every bit of advice I can get! I am just near High Wycombe in Bucks, and would think about £90 to be a reasonable price.



Hi Ironfire,

I would like to get my press set up ASAP so please could you have a stab at some sort of timings for me? Otherwise I shall have to stump up the cash for Boxcar which doesn’t really appeal. Many thanks in advance. Kate

Are you asking these same questions elsewhere?

Hiya ironfire

I would say a reasonable price would be around £70 if you want to be compete with the Boxcar base prices, I guess it depends on what they cost you to make. It’s also possibly a fair assumption that people in the UK may well also pay full equivalent to a Boxcar one so that they can buy British?

If I really had to have one, I think I would have already been prepared to pay full Boxcar price but it’s always easier to order something from the country in which you live.

Hope that helps,


If this is valid and you are going into production I would be very interested in knowing of the particulars. I am in the process of completing the fifth edition of PDT

and I would like to consider this and other developments in the field as other resources. Have you discussed this with Boxcar Press. While the base concept predates Boxcar by some good many decades and in its configuration is not patentable, the designation Deep Relief, unique to Boxcar, might be trademarked.


Hi, i’d be interested in getting a base for an Arab Foolscap Folio Press, for use with KF95 plates.
Can’t seem to get hold of the KF152 plates here…
I’d definitely rather buy from the UK, and would like to feel that i’m getting a good deal.
I got a base when I bought my Adana 8 x 5 and it cost £115 + vat + delivery (Aluminium Mounting Base, 114 x 190 x 21.66mm - standard gauge with no grid lines) which I thought was rather pricey.
Do you have any more details you could give me on the plates you will be supplying?

Don’t forget CASLON already make bases for adana’s.

I would be interested in a 9x12” standard sized base for a heidelberg windmill

I would be very interested in buying one for my Arab foolscap too, the grid is very useful so would pay a little extra for it. You can make these bases yourself for very little money but i am after a base that will last just as long as my press does so would pay for the quality and accuracy that your bases would provide. Please let me know if you do start to making larger sized bases.

ironfire-can you contact me via the email with your contact details, I may be interested in Vandercook base thank you.In uk.

Hello ironfire,

I need a base for a Heidelberg 10x15 platen, can you contact me via email with your contact details. I’m in the UK.