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I’m looking to buy a cutting jacket for my C&P NS 10x15. I’ve looked at Bar-plate, but it’s $200+ and that’s one of the cheaper models. has snap-on jackets for a 10x15 windmill for $75. I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t fit my c&p, but am wondering if anyone can tell me that I’m wrong? There is a huge price difference and I’m not suer why. Can anyone lead me to someone who sells c&p jackets closer to the Godar price?

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Both C&Ps I own have had holes drilled and threaded in the corners of the platen. I just found bolts which fit the size/thread pitch and bought a 12x18 sheet of galvanized at home depot which fits between the holes. If you don’t have that modification on your press, you won’t be able to do this, but if you do, it will only cost you 10 or 15 dollars.


I think you could easily drill and tap the proper holes in the corners of your platen.


I don’t have holes in the corners, but you’re right it’d be very easy to do. That would definitely be more budget-friendly.
is there a certain thickness of steel that you would recommend?

I think mine is 18 gauge which is rougly .040”. When adjusting your undercut for printing, the thickness of stock needs to always be taken into account, but when die-cutting, the rule always needs to cut through to the jacket no matter the thickness of stock, so just make sure the jacket is thinner than the undercut of your press.

If you are planning on doing any wacky kiss-cutting, you will need to take in to account the thickness of the uncut stock.

thanks so much for the helpful advice… it’s very much appreciated!
I believe these jackets can be put on or taken off with a “Z” channel molding that fits under the tympan bale. You might ask your die maker if he can recommend someone! GOOD LUCK!!!

I do some die cutting on my c&p, for smaller things i tape a 2 point cutting rule on its side on my top sheet and cut against this. Dick G.

the $200 from barplate may seem high, but my clipon jacket i bought from them has lasted 25 years and will last at least another 25. it’s used on my 12x18 kluge, no telling how many million impressions it’s taken. if u are not doing anything but short runs occasionally, sheet metal will work fine. if your press is used for heavy production, u would do well to spend the $200, you get what u pay for!

i just tape on a “blue steel” jacket. but any steel plate would do. watch your platen height though. if you are printing at .918 and then order your die cutting die at .918, then add this plate,,, you may want to order your dies at somewhat less than .918 (depending how thick your plate is). then you would not need much press adjustment back and forth between printing and die cutting.

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Hi DickG,
I think you and I must have gone to the same school, as I used your trick with the cutting rule for yesrs on windmills and Heidel cylinders.

One of our regular orders was for a million microfilm cassette labels, just face slit to produce one label for the edge of the cassette and the other for the face.

We machined these ten up on a Heidel cylinder and then guillotined them to size which had to be within 1 mm of the specified size.